Recently #24


You guys…February was a bit of a doozy. With travel, work, and the third bout of flu since Christmas (!!), it is no wonder I dropped off the face of the earth for a while.

Amidst the madness, I took a moment to think about blogging. As 2017 is gearing up to be an intense and busy year, I am going to try out a more manageable schedule to what has arguably been my favorite hobby for the past three years.

Instead of a M-W-F schedule I am going to implement a new two-post line-up come March in the hopes that posting on a Tuesday and Friday will give me the opportunity to be more consistent in the future.

So… nothing much will change, but I am looking forward to give you more product reviews (there’s gorgeous newness coming up soon!), playlists, book recommendations and more!


Recently #23: Planning 2017


As January comes to a close, I am staying determined to make 2017 a productive and creative and plain fun year. To stay on top of everything, I am once again relying on a paper and pen planning system (in addition to a very overworked iCal) to keep everything in check.

After a few years of being faithful to the Moleskine planners and their Star Wars collecting in particular (which, to my knowledge, has sadly been discontinued), I choose a desk planner from Rifle Paper Co.


While it came a bit larger than I expected, I love having an overview of my week and everything in it on my desk and have been very happy planning away and keeping it nice and neat. I had considered trying out a bullet journal for this year and even though I have incorporated a few aspects of it into my note-keeping, I just couldn’t pass up this beautiful planner for now.

I am looking forward to this year so much and I hope you are too! 2017, here we go!

Recently #22


I sure could need a piece of cake right now because the past few weeks really seem to have knocked the wind out of me. To say that it has been busy might be an understatement, but to be honest it has been a good busy.

Not only have I been granted a few new and and exciting opportunities regarding my research while trying to churn out a few decent pages for my current writing project, fall also seems to be the time of social obligations with tons of birthdays and events.

But while my calendar seems to be overflowing, I must say, I’m loving it. My body though – not so much. With the first cold of the season and a bad back that has been playing up like crazy, I’ve been trying to take it slow whenever I can and really, what’s better than curling up with a hot cup of coffee, something sweet, and a great book to delve into on a slow weekend? Finding the right balance now is key and I’m looking forward to try and enjoy both the busy and the quiet times these coming months.

Recently #21

Summer has been shaping up pretty good around here. While the weather is more temperamental than ever, wavering between intense heat and almost autumnal days, it has been a really fun month.

Before finishing up the semester and trying to get myself into writing mode again, I took a little semi-professional trip to beautiful Vienna. What a city! We didn’t have enough time to complete the full-fledged touristy program, but what I managed to see was beyond gorgeous.


Besides that, it’s been a month of work and celebrations with lots of birthdays and little occasions strewn throughout.

I’m looking forward to getting a little more desk time in in August (though I might have to relocate my office to the outside to enjoy the last bouts of summer) and dare I even say it, I am already looking forward to fall.

Recently #18

The past few weeks have revolved around three things for me. Firstly, I have been trying to fit in as much work as possible, with a few important deadlines looming in the near future.

Tying into that, my time in Canada is coming to a close very soon. It’s a mere three weeks before I pack my backs and make my way back home. I am kind of shocked that it has come so quickly, but above all, I am excited to see my family and friends again in person. Skype, texts, and Facetime have been a great substitute, but really, there’s nothing better than a hug and a good catch up session over a glass of wine.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Finally, and probably most excitingly, I have been to San Francisco in the beginning of March and while the weather couldn’t have been worse (storm warnings and torrential downpours instead of perennial California sunshine), I had a wonderful time.

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog made for some pretty unique and moody pictures. Also, I officially made my first YouTuber encounter when I visited Chelsea in her shop Anomie. She is every bit as lovely as in her videos and the store is gorgeous and wonderfully curated, so if you ever find yourself in San Francisco, make sure to take the time and check it out.