Scented Candle Favorites

One thing that just screams fall and winter is burning a scented candle. While one could view it as literally burning money, a beautifully scented candle is just so cozy and adds to that quintessential feeling of warmth and home that is one of the most beautiful things of the winter months.

While there is a plethora of candle offerings on the market, the P.F. Candle Co. ones are firm favorites for me. Diptyque and Byredo are beautiful but out of my student budget and the sickly sweet and artificial scents of Bath and Body Works are plain migraine triggers.

P.F. Candle Co. sits nicely in the middle with sophisticated and seasonal scents at a decent price. And they look beautiful as well. Housed in a simple brown glass container with a gold lid, you can easily keep them from getting dusty and gross and use them with almost every decor all year round.


One of my favorite scents is their best seller Teakwood & Tobacco, are gorgeous woody and warm scent that is wonderfully unisex and not too cloying. With hints of leather, tobacco, and cedar. It evokes scenes of dark cigar lounges and cozy gloomy days. Fun fact: I also own a mini size of this one, I love it that much.

Another seasonal fave is Apple Picking. While definitely a sweet scent, it is not to heavy or sickening but delivers a beautiful waft of fresh and warm apple and cinnamon goodness. This scent just screams fall, but works equally as well in winter, which is why I love it so much.

Finally, a bit of a fresher scent is Golden Coast, a herbal and light offering that takes home scents nicely throughout the whole year with a woody undertone of Cedar and Palo Santo.

I know it is slightly decanted to rave this much about candles, but I really do love them. The candles look chic and cozy and add so much warmth and atmosphere to my home. If you are a candle addict as well, please let me know about your favorites!