3ina Lip Primer

You know that feeling when you browse on Asos, not really looking for anything in particular, and you stumble across things you never thought you needed but somehow have to have? That’s exactly how I ended up purchasing the 3ina Lip Primer.


I had never heard of the brand before, but the sleek design and confusion about how to pronounce the name (‘Mina’, FIY) intrigued me to no end.

It promises to create a base layer on the lips that provides longevity and smoothness, but can also be used as a mattifying topcoat to take away the shine from any lip color.

The product itself is a thin, slightly tacky soft pink gel that applies easily and smoothly onto the lips. It leaves the tiniest white cast, but since you would be applying lipstick over it anyway, this isn’t much of a problem. As it remains a bit sticky, lipstick adheres beautifully to it and stays on nicely. I haven’t had any pilling or balling up of the product, only a smooth lip that stays hydrated and soft.

Now, I haven’t tried it as a topcoat since my lips have been crazy dry this winter, but I will try it out as soon as possible. When I do, I think I will use it with a lip brush though, because fingers could be incredibly messy, especially with bolder colors.



ColourPop Haul: Lips

Back around Thanksgiving, ColourPop offered a one-off deal on free international shipping, and seeing as I unfortunately don’t have a North American address anymore, I jumped at the opportunity and hauled a few goodies.

A couple of items were birthday presents, so I don’t have them to show anymore, but I ordered enough stuff for myself to comprise a two part haul (the second part is coming up later this month). First up: lips.


Since I’ve read mixed reviews on their Ultra Matte liquid lipstick, I decided to stick with the tried and tested Lippie Stix formula and order two more shades – Bossy and Contempo.

Bossy is right up my alley, a neutral tomato red that is bright without being too garish. The formula is matte but not uncomfortable and easy to apply. Still, I would suggest neatening up the edges with a lip brush since the bullet is slim but not overly precise.


The second shade, Contempo, is a strange one. A beautiful darkened mauve in the tube, this comes up a bit too cool-toned and grey on my skin tone. Maybe it is just because I am not used to seeing this sort of color on myself, but it looked a little off. I am trying to work with it nonetheless and will keep you updated if I find a combination that works for me.


The formula, however, is gorgeous as well. Opaque in one swipe, this too deposits a matte lip color that isn’t too drying or flaky. If you can get your hands on these little lipsticks, be sure to pick up a few shades.

PS: For any other Europeans out there, I had to pay customs fees in the end. It wasn’t a significant amount, but I had to go pick up the package at the customs office, so keep that in my if they offer the free worldwide shipping deal again.

Fall Make-Up Favorites

Fall is well and truly here and while I (unseasonably) lightened my hair a few weeks ago, my make-up looks have made the transition to autumnal hues for sure.

The two looks I have been going for most have been centered around the gorgeous Becca Ombre Rouge palette, which seems to be just perfect for this time of year.


For a more neutral make-up, I have been using shade 2 and 3 for a tonal, muted and slightly shaded eye. It’s subtle enough to be worn day to day, but the shadows are just beautiful to work with and make for a gorgeous simple eye look. On the cheeks, MAC Buff is one of my favorites as it is a wonderfully neutral sculpting shade that gives structure to the cheek without interfering with any other colors on the face. Finally, I have fallen back in love with MAC Kinda Sexy, a warm nude that is completely on trend with the slightly brownish 90s lip that has come back into style.


For a bit more color, I have been using shade 4 from the palette all over the lid. A pretty camel shade, this is perfectly on trend as well and picks up the warmer tones from the rest of the make-up. The Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey has been my go to in the last little while. A darkened neutral bronze, this works amazingly in lieu of bronzer (or additionally if you are as pale as I am) with a hint of orangey warmth and a completely natural finish. On the lips, Colourpop Poison is a gorgeous brick red that makes for a vampy fall lip with a twist.

So as you can see, my autumn looks fall neatly into a category of neutral warming tones with the occasional pop of color. Seeing as I get so much mileage out of my Becca palette, I am so glad I made the investment and I will for sure be using it well into winter and next year as well.

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Minis

You know the days when you browse your favorite beauty websites and come across a product you just have to have? This is exactly what happened when I spotted this cute little liquid lipstick set.

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Set houses six colors from their collection, ranging from a variety of nudes to bolder shades.


Since I already own the full size of Committed, I gave that one away to my sister-in-law, but the other shades I tried out immediately.

Charming and Sincere are incredibly similar darkened rosy nudes, with Charming being a shade or two deeper than Sincere, making for a more dramatic, noticeable nude.

Doting is a soft coral nude that isn’t something I usually go for, but it actually looks great on the lips without making them look to concealer-like or washed out.

Dedicated is a beautiful berry that looks rich and not too bright – perfect for fall.

Finally, Loyal is a classic red that makes for a long-lasting bold lip without smearing or being too dry.

I am so happy I picked up this little set, because, in all honesty, I usually never use up my liquid lipsticks before they go bad or are not to my taste anymore. This way, I got to try out a beautiful selection from a brand I love without having to commit to a full size.

The formula is absolutely similar to the full sizes as well, down to the chocolate-mint scent that it still not my favorite but fades away reasonably soon. The little doe-foot makes them easy to apply and their lasting power is great. If you can get your hands on this set and are a lover of liquid lipsticks like me, make sure to pick it up!

Summer Beauty Wishlist 2016

My beauty related wishlist this season is a seriously mixed bag, ranging from skin to haircare to fragrance and colour cosmetics.

Summer Beauty Wislist 2016

First on my list is the Alterna Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist. With one of the longest names in the business, this is in a similar vein as my beloved Oribe Maximista, promising volume and hold for my limp locks. As I am steadily tearing through my second bottle of the Oribe, I am looking to shake it up a little bit and see how the Alterna spray performs.

Skincare wise, I am looking to replace the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask with a new pick to see if anything lives up to it. The Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask not only looks gorgeous but has an amazing ingredients list that let’s me hope for even brighter, clearer skin.

As I am getting more and more into spray toners, the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist has been calling my name. With hyaluronic acid as one of its main ingredients, this might just provide the extra boost of moisture and hydration that I am looking for in my already moisture-heavy skincare routine.

For colour, Urban Decay have made a huge splash with their release of 100 new lipstick shades (to be fair, there are a good few repromotes in there, but still…) and the colour Back Talk has been catching my eye especially. A pretty pinky mauve, this could make for a perfect everyday lip color. It has been sold out most places recently, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for this one.

And finally, I have been busy deepening my love for Byredo fragrances and have fallen in love with Mojave Ghost. Fresh and clean but with a twist, this could easily fit into my roster of everyday scents.

Maybelline Vivid Matte – Nude Thrill

…aaaaand we’re back with another liquid lipstick, but this time, it’s from the drugstore.

A while ago, I stumbled across a display of the (somewhat) new Maybelline Vivid Mattes and instead of going for my regular bright reds or pinks (which look gorgeous as well by the way), I went for 50 Nude Thrill, a darkened peachy brown nude that is spot on with the whole nineties lip trend but not to garish or dull to look strange on the lips.


It seems that I am getting more and more into nude lip colors these days, which is strange but really much more practical than having to precisely paint on a striking red early in the morning and having to touch it up throughout the day.

The formula of the Vivid Mattes is unlike most of the liquid lipsticks I have tried before. It is much more hydrating and thus very comfortable on the lips. Also, it doesn’t completely dry down but leaves a bit of a subtle sheen and – unfortunately – a tendency to smear.

The best way to apply this and get a bit of longevity out of it is to apply a thin layer, blot and repeat. This way, you end up with an opaque but subtle lip color that will last for a good while (not through drinking or eating though). I am actually very glad I picked up a nude shade from this range as it lends itself to clandestine touchups when it has faded whereas I think that you would notice any fading much more with the bolder colors.

One thing that is a little bit strange and that I know has put a lot of people off of this product is the scent. It is the usual, highly artificial floral scent that Maybelline has weirdly chosen to give its lip products. It takes some getting used to, especially if you are  as sensitive to scents as I am, but it dissipates pretty quickly and doesn’t tend to irritate the lips, at least in my case.

Even though I wouldn’t rate this a classic liquid lipstick, I think these are worth giving a try as I have been wearing the shade I got almost everyday these past few weeks.

MAC Chili

As my once huge MAC collection is slowly but surely thinning out and more and more products are getting used up, I’ve been able to use their Back2MAC-service a few times recently.

My last pick from their insane lipstick collection has been MAC Chili, a beautiful color that can only be described as a nineties red. As you know, I am a red lip fiend and their is no shortage of red shades in my collection but somehow, this called out my name immediately.


Chili is a gorgeous darkened matte brick red, almost terracotta in undertone. While it packs a punch colorwise, it isn’t too bright and beautifully understated. I think this is probably one of the first red I would reach for in the daytime as it is not too dark or vampy.

The almost burnt orange undertone also makes this a gorgeous choice for fall (yes, I’m already thinking about fall…) and even winter.

I know this is a part of the permanent MAC line-up and for the longest time I haven’t noticed this amazing color, so if you feel the same, make sure to check this one out.