Favorite Halloween Looks 2016

Happy Halloween everyone!

Even though it’s Monday, some of you might still be celebrating tonight or at least appreciate the intricate Halloween tutorials many YouTubers have been releasing these past few weeks.

While there have been a number of amazing looks, one beauty YouTuber in particular has been knocking it out of the park. Melissa Alatorre is a gorgeous make-up artist turned YouTube star that produces the most beautiful looks on a regular basis, but her Halloween tutorials especially have been more than perfect.

If you’re going all the way out this year, her Metallic Sugar Skull tutorial is pure genius (and includes an amazing flower crown DIY). Just check out this glowing golden goodness:

Just yesterday, she also released a less challenging but similarly intricate 3D Spider Eyes tutorial that is simply stunning as well:

So while I will probably be spending Halloween at my desk in my pajamas, Melissa sure has got you covered in case you are heading out. Stay safe and have lots of fun!