Summer Beauty Wishlist 2016

My beauty related wishlist this season is a seriously mixed bag, ranging from skin to haircare to fragrance and colour cosmetics.

Summer Beauty Wislist 2016

First on my list is the Alterna Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist. With one of the longest names in the business, this is in a similar vein as my beloved Oribe Maximista, promising volume and hold for my limp locks. As I am steadily tearing through my second bottle of the Oribe, I am looking to shake it up a little bit and see how the Alterna spray performs.

Skincare wise, I am looking to replace the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask with a new pick to see if anything lives up to it. The Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask not only looks gorgeous but has an amazing ingredients list that let’s me hope for even brighter, clearer skin.

As I am getting more and more into spray toners, the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist has been calling my name. With hyaluronic acid as one of its main ingredients, this might just provide the extra boost of moisture and hydration that I am looking for in my already moisture-heavy skincare routine.

For colour, Urban Decay have made a huge splash with their release of 100 new lipstick shades (to be fair, there are a good few repromotes in there, but still…) and the colour Back Talk has been catching my eye especially. A pretty pinky mauve, this could make for a perfect everyday lip color. It has been sold out most places recently, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for this one.

And finally, I have been busy deepening my love for Byredo fragrances and have fallen in love with Mojave Ghost. Fresh and clean but with a twist, this could easily fit into my roster of everyday scents.


August Playlist 2016


Happy August!

This month’s playlist is a bit of a free for all, because I chucked everything I liked in there without much cohesion, but I guess it still works.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far, it seems to be just flying by this year, so be sure to make the most of it.¬†Enjoy!

Summer Style Wishlist 2016

Summer Style Wishlist 2016

Since summer has finally returned (and with a vengeance), I’ve been thinking about a few ways to update my wardrobe for this season.

Band shirts are always a staple in my closet, so the David Bowie Shirt really was a no-brainer. I picked this up recently but unfortunately, I was way too big- I’m considering ordering a smaller size so I can sport my love for Bowie in the future.

I’ve also been on the lookout for a nice pair of small, simple hoop earrings that just hug the earlobe perfectly. It’s hard finding the perfect sizing as they’re either too small or way too big, plus I want to buy them in a better metal so that I don’t end up with green ears.

I have shocked myself in considering getting a pair of dungarees. I haven’t taken the plunge yet for fear that I look like an overgrown toddler and I still don’t know if a short or long pair would look less ridiculous. If you have any advice on how to style these, I would be very grateful.

And finally, I’ve already purchased a pair of black¬†Vans Hi-Tops and I could not be happier with them. Their easy to pair with any outfit, be it shorts, dresses or skinny jeans and I feel like they’re going to be a staple in my shoe collection for years to come. I remember owning a similar pair during my teenage years and they just take me back to being a punk-loving, all black-wearing emo kid.

Becca Wild Honey

With their natural looks and glow-inducing products, Becca have been rocking my beauty-loving world lately.

While they definitely are best known for their gorgeous highlighters, I have been trying – and loving – one of the blushes from their original line-up called Wild Honey.


Seeing as I am incredibly pale, I like my blushed to add a good dose of warmth to my face and Wild Honey does just that. It is a peachy, bronze-hued shade with a subtle amount of sheen that makes it look very natural and soft on the cheeks.

It is by now means as shimmery or glowy as their Shimmering Skin Perfector Blushes, but rather a subtle wash of color that works great for every day. It is however, very soft in texture and pretty pigmented, so be sure to use a light touch when applying this and work in layers to build up your desired shade.

I am so looking forward to wearing this all summer when my freckled make an appearance because the bronze shade will compliment them beautifully. Once again Becca can do no wrong in the cheek department.

MAC Pinks for Summer

Besides my well documented love for coral, I do love a good pink lip, especially in the summer.

There are a few standout colors that have been gracing my lips again and again during this warmer weather, and quite a few of them are MAC.

MAC Pinks

The first shade is Impassioned, a beautiful warm pink that really brightens the face and just screams summer. It is an Amplified finish, meaning it provides a good amount of pigment with a teeny bit of shine, but it has great lasting power over all.

MAC Impassioned

A more classic pink is MAC’s Girl About Town, which is a straight up, blue toned pink that packs a punch. This lipstick is one of those teeth whitening ones and absolutely makes for a stunning summer color. This one too comes in the Amplified formulation, which again is a happy medium between good staying power and comfortable wear.

MAC Girl About Town

Finally, we have a real stunner called Relentlessly Red. Despite its name, this one pulls extremely bright and warm pink on my (very pigmented) lips. I picked this up when it came out with a limited collection, but it has been made permanent ever since. The formula here is Retro Matte, which in fact, is one of the most matte formulas I have ever tried. This means that you do not need to reapply this lipstick for hours and still have amazing payoff, but it is also very drying on the lips. Make sure to use a heavy duty lip balm underneath and you’re good to go.

MAC Relentlessly Red

So there you have it, my favorite MAC Pinks. I do have a few other great pinks in my collection, which I want to talk about a bit more in depth, so stay tuned!