Essie Maki Me Happy

I have to say, the Essie fall collection of limited shades is a great one this year. A variety of Japan-inspired polishes, there is a great range from pastel shades to bright pops of color.

Being the completely predictable beauty lover that I am, I of course picked up the classic red from the collection called Maki Me Happy.


A beautiful creamy shade, this red leans the tiniest bit purple and goes perfectly with this time of year. It isn’t too bright or punchy but subdued and classic.

I have been wearing it on my toes for the past two weeks and I almost wish it still was sandal weather as it looks so beautiful. There’s no doubt I will bust this out on my fingernails soon enough and carry it over into wintertime as well.

I know reds are a staple in every polish collection, but this is a color I wish was permanent, it is so classic and pretty. If you can get your hands on it, make sure to pick Maki Me Happy up. The quality and opacity is completely on par with the regular Essie line-up, so it is a pleasure to apply. With a quick-drying topcoat, this is a manicure (or pedicure) I can get done in minutes and happily wear for weeks on end.


Formula X Haute Sauce

While blogger collaborations by no means anything new and meet with emotions ranging from indifference to downright cynicism, I myself was pretty excited when I heard that one of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere, would be design a range of shades for Sephora’s own nail polish line, Formula X.

With three shades, a cool-toned nude, a peach and a tomato red, I decided to go for the brightest offering, Haute Sauce.


A gorgeous, slightly orange-toned red, this stole my heart right away. Since my fingers are already long and slender, nude and pastel tones tend to exaggerate that look and make my hands look even bonier and bigger than they already are. Also, with spring in full swing and summer only a few months away, I thought that a classic shade or red would be the perfect way to spice up my nail polish wardrobe.

This is actually the first color I have tried from the Formula X range, and so far, I am impressed. The shade was easy to apply and completely opaque in two quick coats. It also seemed to dry down pretty quickly, so I didn’t have to deal with any smudges or nicks after putting it on.


I have actually worn this color on my toes since I purchased it and I while polish generally tends to wear less quickly on my toes, I have to say, I am impressed by its longevity. There hasn’t been much wear at all and only minor chips, so I think I have already found my perfect summer color.

While the two other shades are beautiful but not my cup of tea, Haute Sauce has been an absolute winner for me. I highly recommend checking this special collection out to see if there’s something in there for you as Emily has curated a wonderful range of colors with a great formulation.