Recently #23: Planning 2017


As January comes to a close, I am staying determined to make 2017 a productive and creative and plain fun year. To stay on top of everything, I am once again relying on a paper and pen planning system (in addition to a very overworked iCal) to keep everything in check.

After a few years of being faithful to the Moleskine planners and their Star Wars collecting in particular (which, to my knowledge, has sadly been discontinued), I choose a desk planner from Rifle Paper Co.


While it came a bit larger than I expected, I love having an overview of my week and everything in it on my desk and have been very happy planning away and keeping it nice and neat. I had considered trying out a bullet journal for this year and even though I have incorporated a few aspects of it into my note-keeping, I just couldn’t pass up this beautiful planner for now.

I am looking forward to this year so much and I hope you are too! 2017, here we go!


Christmas Wishlist 2016

This year for Christmas, there is really not a lot on my wishlist. Everyone is happy and healthy, and the one material thing I really wished for, a new computer, I invested in last month. However, when I was asked a few days ago for a bit of guidance concerning presents, I thought of a few things that by no means are must-haves, but would definitely be nice to have.

My picks fall firmly into two categories: home and beauty. As a tried and tested beauty lover, I can’t help but have my eye on a few new products and since I moved this past spring, there is always something I wish for to spruce up my home.

Christmas Wishlist 2016

Since I am an avid coffee drinker and it seems like the Nespresso capsules only contribute to a huge amount of waste, I am very interested in the Chemex brewing system after having tried it at a very hip and delicious Vancouver coffee spot.

And since I am just as much in love with cacti as the next person, a cute little Serax vase would help add some green to my home without subjecting a plant to my black thumb.

Finally, as far as homey things go, my love for PF Candle Co. has been well documented and the one scent that is high up on my list is Amber & Moss.

For beauty, I am dying to try a product from the Ouai line-up and the Clean Shampoo could be a good place to start for someone with fine hair like me.

Also, the RMS Beauty Unpowder seems like a lovely natural alternative to a conventional setting powder, which is something it might want to look into once warmer temperatures come around again.

Scented Candle Favorites

One thing that just screams fall and winter is burning a scented candle. While one could view it as literally burning money, a beautifully scented candle is just so cozy and adds to that quintessential feeling of warmth and home that is one of the most beautiful things of the winter months.

While there is a plethora of candle offerings on the market, the P.F. Candle Co. ones are firm favorites for me. Diptyque and Byredo are beautiful but out of my student budget and the sickly sweet and artificial scents of Bath and Body Works are plain migraine triggers.

P.F. Candle Co. sits nicely in the middle with sophisticated and seasonal scents at a decent price. And they look beautiful as well. Housed in a simple brown glass container with a gold lid, you can easily keep them from getting dusty and gross and use them with almost every decor all year round.


One of my favorite scents is their best seller Teakwood & Tobacco, are gorgeous woody and warm scent that is wonderfully unisex and not too cloying. With hints of leather, tobacco, and cedar. It evokes scenes of dark cigar lounges and cozy gloomy days. Fun fact: I also own a mini size of this one, I love it that much.

Another seasonal fave is Apple Picking. While definitely a sweet scent, it is not to heavy or sickening but delivers a beautiful waft of fresh and warm apple and cinnamon goodness. This scent just screams fall, but works equally as well in winter, which is why I love it so much.

Finally, a bit of a fresher scent is Golden Coast, a herbal and light offering that takes home scents nicely throughout the whole year with a woody undertone of Cedar and Palo Santo.

I know it is slightly decanted to rave this much about candles, but I really do love them. The candles look chic and cozy and add so much warmth and atmosphere to my home. If you are a candle addict as well, please let me know about your favorites!

Aesop Resurrection Range

Aesop has been a brand on my radar for the longest time. An Australian apothecary-style brand, they are as effective as they are instagrammable.

I have tried only a handful of products, but their hand care line in the Resurrection scent has been on my wishlist for the longest time. Still, it seemed a bit extravagant to me to spent a good amount of money on what essentially are high-turnover body care products such as soap and hand cream.

A few weeks ago however, I decided to treat myself for a job well done by visiting a brick-and-mortar Aesop store (which might be the closest thing to heaven on earth) and purchase a few products.


First up is the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, which comes in gorgeous vintage-looking packaging and smells wonderful with herbal notes of rosemary and cedarwood as well as fresh accords of mandarin rind. The product itself is great as well, as much as you can differentiate between different types of liquid hand soap. It’s not very foaming or stripping but rather works up to a soft lather that leaves the hands clean but not parched.

The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm comes in the same scent and a pretty blush colored aluminium tube which is way too pretty to stow away in a hand bag. The balm itself is beyond gorgeous as it sinks in quickly and leaves the hand soft without any greasy residue or tacky feeling. My one gripe however, is that the smallest size, at 75 ml, is still pretty large and not handbag friendly. I wish they would do a smaller travel size at a lower price to use on the go.

I am glad I have treated myself to such luxurious everyday products since it is a joy to use them. I’m trying not to be too precious about them but I have already vowed to reuse the soap-dispenser and fill it up with a cheaper hand wash once it has run out.

Home Edit: Shelf Styling

If you look at my Pinterest, it is blatantly clear that I have a thing for walls of shelves. So when I moved a few months ago, there was no question that I had to install one of those myself. After a taxing trip to Ikea and a long night of leveling out the individual shelves, I now have my lovely wall that stores everything from books to paperwork to mementos.

Along the way, I have made some mistakes but after I’ve found a method to my madness, I have corralled a few tips to style a shelf wall. Keep in mind that this is by no means perfect (see the vestigal cable at the bottom) since it is a space that needs to hold everything and anything, not just the pretty stuff.



  • books, books, books – I know not everyone is a big reader, but in my opinion, shelves are for books and that has become the main focus of my wall. I know stacks of coffee table books are way more chic than rows of mismatched paperbacks, but for me, it is much more stimulating to see my favorite novels in neat order (which is why I opted out of the oh so popular rainbow organizing system).
  • cohesion – as much as I could I have tried to keep everything that is not a book in a concise color palette, bar for a few pops of color. As you can see, I have some pretty statement wallpaper right to side of the shelf wall, so I tied to keep it as muted as possible on the shelves with lots of white and muted pastels.
  • greenery – while I don’t have much of a green thumb, I added some cute succulents to break up the rows of paperbacks surrounding them. In their tiny white pots, they match the overall feel but add a bit of life and are easy to care for.
  • personal touches – I have added pictures of my family and little trinkets throughout to add a bit of personality and love to the wall. It not only helps to make the wall look more varied and airy but also reminds me of beautiful memories and the lovely people in my life.

So, all in all, this is far from rocket science, but I especially love this little space in my new home. While it unfortunately had to become a bit of a catchall for various odds and ends, I love how this wall of shelves (which are the LACK variety from Ikea btw) has become a focal point and an expression of personality in my small and cozy home.

Home Wishlist 2016

… or ‘the lost blogpost of 2016’. I had this post all set up and prepared for yesterday, but somehow didn’t manage to get it up in time. So here you go, surprise weekend blogging!

Since I’ve moved this spring, there has been a lot of renovation, furniture shopping, and decorating going on and while I am beyond happy with how my place has turned out, there still are a few tweaks to be made in every part of my space. For the most part, my walls are pretty bare still and there’s a few decorative pieces that I have had my eyes on for a while now.

My style, I would say, is pretty minimal and basic. Clean lines, modern shapes, and neutral tones with a few quirks thrown in.

Home Wishlist 2016

I love the danish brand HAY and their clean and colorful designs, so I am hoping to vamp up my space with a few of their iconic trays and their geometric wall hooks. Another cool brand is House Doctor, also from Denmark, who incoporate simple shapes into cool designs. I’ve got my eye on one of their laundry baskets and the gorgeous stone and blush toned vase above. The mesh pinboard is also from House Doctor and will hopefully find its way onto my kitchen wall very soon.

Finally, I’m looking into doing a bit of DIY and creating a pom pom garland for my living room in lieu of a statement piece of art above my television.

Fall Edit: PF Candle Co.

Trying to make a tiny room in a foreign country feel like home is not an easy feat, but I found that one things that helps tremendously are candles, especially if they give off a nice, welcoming scent.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to scented candles, however, seeing as I am prone to migraines and smells definitely are a huge trigger. I can’t walk past a Bath and Bodyworks without feeling nauseous, so I have to resort to something a bit more sophisticated and, unfortunately, a little more pricey.

While I’ve loved the Diptyque scented candles in the past, which are definitely a beautifully luxe option, I think I have found a good medium with the soy candles by PF Candle Co.


PF Candle Co

I usually go for light and fresh scents or autumnal offerings at best, but it’s their woodsy, headier picks that have won me over. Teakwood and Tobacco is their best-selling candle for a good reason. A friend of mine described it as smelling like a clean, sexy guy, and I definitely concur. It’s warm, deep, and inviting and makes for a beautiful scent during these colder months. If you’re into these woodsy types of scents but want a bit more of a smokey feel, I would highly suggest Campfire, which smells just like that, a wood fire in the forest under a starry night sky. 

As I’ve already said, the candles are soy-based, which makes for a clean burn and they throw a nice amount of scent, even when they’re not lit. I also love that the come with a lid, which prevents dust and dirt getting into the wax.

With their retro, artisanal looking labels, the PF Candle Co. candles are understated and chic, which is why I’ll definitely be picking up many more from their collection.