Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

With a stress-related eruption of epic proportions happening on my chin last week, it was time for me to turn to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to take care of my blemishes.

This product is a sulphur and salicylic acid based acne treatment that promises to dry out pimples over night, leaving you with clean skin the next morning.


It is heavy duty and named pretty aptly as it does dry out active blemishes immediately and speeds up the healing process a lot. However, it does also dry out the surrounding skin, so make sure to follow up with a light but hydrating skincare routine so as to not be left with flaky, dry patches.

Also, do NOT use this on broken skin. The delivery system transports the active ingredients through a layer of alcohol, so it stings like hell if you put it on an open blemish or scratch. For me however, this is great. Since I am a picker, this protective layer (and the fear of a burning sensation on my face) keeps me from scratching open my skin.

Using it could not be easier. You just dip a cotton bud into the sediment at the bottom, lifting it through the liquid and dotting it straight onto the face. Just be sure to not shake the product as it is meant to come in separate layers.

In combination with my dermalogica Clear Start lotion, this is a great system to keep my skin clear and pimple-free. Of course, it is not the most attractive to go to bed with light pink dots all over the face, but if my skin looks clearer in the morning, I am more than happy to do it.


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