Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set

I’m most definitely all set in the brush department but on a recent trip to the local drugstore, I stumbled over a set of brushes that I just could not pass up.

The Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set includes two of my favorite tools from their line and an exclusive brush, so I just could not say no.


In there is the Expert Face Brush, which I love to use for every type of base from tinted moisturizers to actual foundation. Since cleaning brushes is one of my least favorite tasks, it’s perfect that I now have a second one. It is also amazing for cream cheek products, so I will definitely find a use for it.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge is the second part of the set and I love have multiple of these as well since you can’t really have sponges sitting around dirty. I now have three on rotation and love using them for foundation (if I have a bit more time to work it in), concealer or powdering.

The set exclusive is the Deluxe Concealer Brush, which is similar in shape to the Zoeva 142 but much softer and more loose, so it works great for buffing in concealer under the eyes. You could also use this as an eyeshadow brush, especially for cream shades.


Finally, it comes with a little brush pouch that houses a decent sized mirror. It’s not the greatest quality and very much geared towards holding only a few brushes, but it’s a cute extra.

I think this set is a great addition to the RT line-up, so if you’re looking to expand your brush (and sponge) collection at a great price, make sure to pick this set up.


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