Kiehl’s Hydrating Mist

The Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist is the latest offering in the long line of spray toners that seem to be flooding the market right now. Of course I couldn’t resist this one asI do enjoy a good Kiehl’s product and have loved integrating mists into my skincare routine.


This spray is a lovely portable size with a reasonable price tag (for high end brands anyway) promising to ‘purify and hydrate the skin’. Now, it does contain alcohol, which isn’t ideal, but I haven’t experienced any dryness or burning sensation when using it.

The mist actually leaves the skin feeling nice and plump and leaves a gorgeous fresh and herbal scent that is heavy on the rosemary contained in the formula. The actual spray nozzle itself dispenses a very fine mist and is definitely one of the best I have tried.

Since I haven’t used this a whole ton, I can’t speak on the longterm skincare benefits, but the design of the bottle alone makes it worth using up and refilling or repurchasing. Again, I have found this a lovely addition to my routine and I will happily continue to use it, especially in these last warm days of summer.


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