Lush Big Shampoo

My love for Lush is no secret, partly because they are one of the few companies that has a well developed and thought out responsible recycling concept and partly because they are always a bit off-center and innovative with their products.

Case in point – Big Shampoo. This is one of the most unique hair cleansing products I have come across, formulated with a hefty amount of coarse sea salt that thoroughly cleans and volumizes the hair.


Lush Big


Now sea salt in hair products isn’t a new concept. It is supposed to texturize and add volume and bounce to the hair, but it usually comes in spray form that can leave the hair crunchy and matte. The delivery system with Big is as easy as it is effective as you simply scoop out the product and massage it into the hair in the shower. It is a strange sensation and you need to make sure you wash the salt out completely, but the result is very clean but nourished hair.

An additional bonus is the scent. It smells like a gorgeous fresh margarita that makes you crave a summery drink right away.

Since it is somewhat abrasive, I tend to reserve Big‘s use to once a week in lieu of a clarifying shampoo. It works great for that purpose and that way I don’t feel like I am overworking or stripping my scalp in the process.

PS: Please excuse the stock photo, but one downfall of the black tub Big Shampoo comes in is that it looks grubby almost right away. However, the lid of the tub closely very securely, so I have never had any issues with water getting into the product itself.


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