MAC Fix+

Settings sprays are definitely having a moment right now, and MAC Fix+ is the OG of this category.

On a recent peruse of the MAC counter, I must have felt a wave of nostalgia and purchased another bottle of this lovely spray.


I quickly realized how much I love this product and how beautiful it makes my make-up look. The only think that somewhat bothers me is the delivery method. Compared to a lot of other (newer) setting sprays, the actual nozzle isn’t very sophisticated and could definitely deliver a finer, more even spray.

Other than that, Fix+ totally sticks to its claims. It takes away any cakiness that is left over by powders but does not compromise the longevity of the make-up at all. If anything, it is like a protective coat over the top that ensures the make-up to stay fresh longer.

I also like to use it throughout the day to freshen up again as it brings back a bit of glow when applied. The only thing, once again, is the spray that is a bit to forceful and can leave wet splotches on the face if you hold the bottle to close.

All in all, I still love and cherish Fix+ as much as I ever did and I am so glad it’s back in my collection. If you’re unsure about it, you can always pick up a travel size to try it out, which are so convenient for trips or a little handbag refresher.


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