Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer

Continuing with the concealer theme, I recently also purchased a new concealer application tool, the Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer.

A dense synthetic brush, this caught my eye on a recent browse in the beauty store, and since Zoeva thankfully is a brush brand that doesn’t break the bank, I picked one up to try out with my growing array of concealers.


So far, I have used this for concealer application under the eye and I have to say, I haven’t completely made my mind up about it yet. It works great for actually placing and lightly blending the product, but funnily enough, when I go to buff in the concealer, I feel like it blends it away rather than working it into the skin, especially when using a thinner formula.

However, it is so easy to get the product into the perfect position with this brush that I still like to use it most days. The way I operate is that I place and blend the concealer with this brush and then gently tap it into the skin to finish off. This works very well and makes for one of the most natural concealer applications that I have ever had.

I think, too, that this would be amazing for concealing blemishes around the face, considering the size, shape, and density.

I will definitely have to play around with the 142 a bit more, but by no means do I regret this purchase. It is the beautifully quality that we have come to expect from Zoeva and I do think this brush is wonderfully versatile (cream eyeshadow anyone?). So if you own this, please to let me know how you like to use it!


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