MAC Eyeshadow Collection

When I started really getting into make-up about ten years ago, MAC was the be all and end all of high end cosmetics. Being hyped up beyond belief, I of course invested what little pocket money I had into insane amounts of their products.

I soon filled up a whole palette of their single eyeshadows, which is impressive, especially for someone who rarely wears a lot of eyeshadow, if any.

So, after the hype has died down, what’s left? I still have a good amount of eyeshadows from MAC, but I have gotten rid of most of the more outrageous colors and have stuck to a more neutral palette recently.


In my once-full 15-pan palette, there are the three colors that I use the least, Ricepaper, a yellow toned satin highlighting shade, Samoa Silk, a matte peach, and Paradisco, a coral orange.

Then of course, there’s the bronze-lover’s dream, the Her Cocoa quad from the ‘RiRi loves MAC’ collection, which houses for beautiful shades from creamy peach to bronzy brown.

The quad on the bottom left is probably my most used as it contains my all-time favorite, All that Glitters, and Espresso, a shade that I use almost everyday for my brows. Then there’s two limited edition shades, Carbonized, a blackened brown, and Style Snob, a bright taupe.

Finally, on the bottom right, there’s Club, a gorgeous duochrome shifting from teal-blue to brown, Antiqued, a darkened copper, a very battered looking Bronze and the quintessential MAC shade, Satin Taupe.

It’s pretty much a MAC best of, but I really do love the colors I have decided to keep.


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