Brand Focus: Avène

I always think a good way to approach skincare is ‘when in doubt, go the French pharmacy route’. There are so many products from French pharmacy brands that have become skincare staples for a good reason. Just think about Bioderma introducing micellar waters to the masses or the hype that surrounded the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

One of the quintessential pharmaceutical brands is Avène. Branded around their thermal water, Avène is (or should be) the first port of call for anyone with sensitive or sore skin. They do ranges for about everything from very dry to very acneic skin, so I know I can always come back to them if need be.


I have talked about their body care before, specifically their products geared towards Keratosis Pilaris. After having tried prescription lotions for my extremely dry, bumpy skin, I still stand by Avène being the most effective product I have used for my KP thus far.

Skincare wise, their thermal water is a firm classic and something that can’t be beat on a super hot summer day. While it might seem decadent to douse your face with bottled spring water in the heat, I have found that the Avène thermal water actually makes for an amazing, glow-inducing setting spray that is perfect for finishing a full face of make-up and giving back a bit of life while reducing the appearance of cakey powder.

The other products I love the most are from their Hydrance range. I have tried both the rich and light (or légère) versions of the moisturizers and have enjoyed every last drop from each tube. While I tend to go for the richer cream in fall and winter, I like to use the lighter version during the hotter months of the year. Regardless, both provide and intense amount of hydration without feeling greasy, sticky, or heavy and their are totally fuss-free. Plus, they come in an SPF-version as well, so if you do not like to use two separate products for moisture and sun protection, these creams are perfect.

All in all, I think Avène remains to be one of the French household brands in skincare and they totally deserve it. They might not provide the most high-tech products on the market, but when your skin is feeling rough, Avène is exactly what you should be reaching for.


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