Home Wishlist 2016

… or ‘the lost blogpost of 2016’. I had this post all set up and prepared for yesterday, but somehow didn’t manage to get it up in time. So here you go, surprise weekend blogging!

Since I’ve moved this spring, there has been a lot of renovation, furniture shopping, and decorating going on and while I am beyond happy with how my place has turned out, there still are a few tweaks to be made in every part of my space. For the most part, my walls are pretty bare still and there’s a few decorative pieces that I have had my eyes on for a while now.

My style, I would say, is pretty minimal and basic. Clean lines, modern shapes, and neutral tones with a few quirks thrown in.

Home Wishlist 2016

I love the danish brand HAY and their clean and colorful designs, so I am hoping to vamp up my space with a few of their iconic trays and their geometric wall hooks. Another cool brand is House Doctor, also from Denmark, who incoporate simple shapes into cool designs. I’ve got my eye on one of their laundry baskets and the gorgeous stone and blush toned vase above. The mesh pinboard is also from House Doctor and will hopefully find its way onto my kitchen wall very soon.

Finally, I’m looking into doing a bit of DIY and creating a pom pom garland for my living room in lieu of a statement piece of art above my television.


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