Becca Ombre Rouge Palette

From my recent blog posts, it is easily deduced that I have become a huge fan of Becca Cosmetics. Their aesthetic is just up my street – natural, perfected, glowy skin and subtle hints of color.

While I am not the biggest pro at applying eye make-up, I absolutely needed to get my hands on their Ombre Rouge Palette, a selection of five gorgeous, earth toned shades that make for amazing, natural eye looks that even an eyeshadow newbie like me can pull off.


From a creamy bone color to an almost wine-colored burgundy, these shadows are amazingly soft and blendable. There is a bit of powder kickback, but in my opinion, that is to be expected with shadows this buttery.


My favorties are shade 2 and 3, a lilac-leaning light brown and warmed up taupe respectively, as they can be easily blended across the lid by themselves for a subtle and effortless wash of color. The camel toned shade 4 is gorgeous as well for a deeper, warm look.

All in all, I absolutely love this palette. It is sleek and compact, varied in color and tone and absolutely perfect for everyday looks as well as more out there creations. Becca, you have done it again.


5 thoughts on “Becca Ombre Rouge Palette

    1. I know… I had surgery on my hand last year and I’m still a bit self-conscious about it, so I have to figure out how to do swatches. I will try though next time! Thank you for commenting! xx

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