Cattier Pink Clay Mask

Clay masks are most definitely the OGs of the mask world. They clear out pores like nothing else and pull out dirt and blemishes so you are left with clear, soft skin.

In the past however, I did find that clay masks can leave my skin tight and dry to the point where it feels incredibly uncomfortable and can lead to an overproduction in oil in the days after. Case in point: the Origins Clear Improvements Mask, which is crazy effective but very very drying.

A few weeks ago, I decided to dip my toes back into the clay mask pool and picked up an affordable french pharmacy offering – the Cattier Masque Argile Rose, a pink clay mask for sensitive, dry skin.

So far, this has been working out great for me. It applies like a classic clay mask that dries down and starts cracking, though with this hydrating formula, it doesn’t get too tight or flaky. You can see the oil being pulled out of the pores, which is strangely satisfying, but after washing it off, the skin feels soft and nourished so I can go in with my regular skincare routine.

Make sure to give the tube a good squeeze before using because the mask tends to separate a little bit, but for such an affordable product especially, this is literally the only  thing you need to keep in mind before application.

I am tempted to pick up the other versions of this mask but as this is suited to my skin so perfectly, I’ll be happy to use this up completely and keep it as a regular in my mask routine.


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