Commodity Moss

As far as scents go, I usually favor something herbal and almost spicy smelling to a sweeter, more floral perfume. Case in point – Jo Malone’s Wood, Sage and Sea Salt.

While perusing the aisles of Sephora a few months back, I stumbled across Commodity‘s perfume line and was immediately intrigued by their concept. With unusual names like Book, Whiskey, Gold, or Mimosa, their scents evoke specific settings and moods and are made for layering to create a unique fragrance.

I finally decided on a travel sized version of Moss, a green, fresh, and enticing scent that reminded me of the outdoors after rainfall. It is not sweet in the slightest, so it truly is a unisex scent, but I found it so unique and lovely that I had to pick it up immediately.

A close runner up was the Rain fragrance, which is even more fresh and a good bit lighter than Moss (though I wouldn’t describe that as a heavy scent either), so I’m keeping it at the back of my mind for future reference.

Sephora also sell a sampler of all of Commodity’s fragrances, so if you are intrigued by their concept and want to get sampling and mixing, give that little set a go.


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