Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

There’s this strange trend in the beauty industry to put outrageously sexualized names on products. I think it all started with Nars Orgasm and now there seems to be a competition on who can have the most scandalously named beauty items. I mean, I get it. It certainly makes your ears prick up and makes for interesting and raunchy marketing campaigns.

So here we are again with a mascara offering from Too Faced touting to be ‘Better than Sex‘. On my ongoing hunt for perfect lashes, I picked a travel size of this up in the Sephora aisle of doom in order to give it a try.


Now I already told you that I found my new mascara holy grail at the drugstore but the Too Faced BTS is an interesting contestant for sure.

It is, for one, one of the only actual brush mascara wands that I have used and like since I usually favor plastic bristles. The formula and the interesting brush shape however, make for a beautiful and quick application that left me with beautifully full and fanned out lashes. My lash line looks thick and dark with a few swipes and I was seriously impressed on first use.


Unfortunately, the mascara runs on me pretty badly, leaving me with raccoon eyes after only a few hours. As much as I love the look BTS gives, this is a no-go for me. I’m glad I picked up the smaller size to try, but I would have wished for the longevity to be on paar with the application and result as well.

Actually, Too Faced have now released a waterproof version, which might negate to whole running issue. I haven’t been able to pick one up yet and I am hesitant to do so since I have never used a waterproof mascara and fear for my delicate and sensitive eye area when trying to remove it.

So please let me know if you have tried the Better than Sex Waterproof yet and if you have any tipps on removing waterproof mascara in general.


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