Becca Wild Honey

With their natural looks and glow-inducing products, Becca have been rocking my beauty-loving world lately.

While they definitely are best known for their gorgeous highlighters, I have been trying – and loving – one of the blushes from their original line-up called Wild Honey.


Seeing as I am incredibly pale, I like my blushed to add a good dose of warmth to my face and Wild Honey does just that. It is a peachy, bronze-hued shade with a subtle amount of sheen that makes it look very natural and soft on the cheeks.

It is by now means as shimmery or glowy as their Shimmering Skin Perfector Blushes, but rather a subtle wash of color that works great for every day. It is however, very soft in texture and pretty pigmented, so be sure to use a light touch when applying this and work in layers to build up your desired shade.

I am so looking forward to wearing this all summer when my freckled make an appearance because the bronze shade will compliment them beautifully. Once again Becca can do no wrong in the cheek department.


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