Bookshelf #10: On my list

For this Bookshelf, I thought I’d tell you about what’s currently sitting on my bedside table, waiting to be read.

I have the terrible habit of starting several books at a time, so there are a few novels that I’m a few chapters in already.


First up, Alice Munro’s  Lives of Girls and Women. I picked a used copy of this up back in Canada, as I thought it might be fitting to read something from the country’s first female Nobel Prize winner. I love family stories and this seems like a beautiful coming of age story intertwined with an account of a whole family living in Ontaria, Canada.

Next, I am still chipping away at John Williams’ Butcher’s Crossing. This caught is not a new novel, but it caught my eye because I loved his book Stoner so much. Butcher’s Crossing is set at the frontier lines of 19th century America and since I am not the biggest fan of a western setting, it is a bit of a tough one to get into for me personally. Williams’ writing however, is as precise and immaculate as always, so while the subject matter might not be the most gripping, it is still a pleasure to read.

And finally, I picked up the highly buzzed about When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. As an avid reader of A Cup of Jo, I had been following Paul’s story for a good while and it saddened me so much to hear about his passing. Joanna previewed a bit of his book and his writing is beautifully melodic and enticing, so I knew I needed to get my hands on this. The topic of his work (a cancer diagnosis at age 36) is as tough as it is omnipresent and I am looking forward to getting into it as soon as possible.


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