Weleda Skinfood

There are always those lotions and potions that turn up in your cabinet without anyone really knowing how they got there. Case in point – the Weleda Skinfood Cream.


With a lovely, strong herbal fragrance, this super thick and rich all-purpose cream is the epitome of a natural beauty product. While it is much too heavy to use on my face, it is a lovely product for any intensely dry patches from my feet to my arms, where I suffer from keratosis pilaris. By putting the cream on those rough areas, it creates almost a barrier that protects the skin and helps it heal more quickly.

I also use the Skinfood as an overnight hand cream and it has worked wonders on my dry, patchy hands that have suffered from the cold winter air and constant washing. Considering its extremely rich consistency, it is surprising how fast this sinks into the skin, leaving it moisturized and with a soft sheen.

I wouldn’t want to be missing this cream as it truly is an all-rounder for me.


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