Mac Prep + Prime Lip

Considering my deep seated love for matte lips, it is quite surprising that I had never tried a lip primer until a few months ago.

After a visit to a MAC Pro store, where the lovely make-up artist applied the MAC Prep + Prime Lip under a liquid lipstick, I was converted. My lips felt plumped and hydrated and the lipstick itself didn’t fade for hours.


The primer comes in a convenient slim tube with the quintessential subtle vanilla scent of MAC lip products. Looking like a regular lip balm, it also doesn’t disperse any color onto the lips, just a very subtle sheen that does not interfere with the finish of the lipstick at all.

Until I have tried it, I would have dismissed a lip primer as a total waste of money, but this one has me convinced that it is an absolute necessity if lipstick is a staple in your routine. However, I do feel that a matte balm like the Nuxe Reve de Miel (in the pot!) provides a similarly  good base for lips, so if you are looking for a slightly more affordable option, you might want to give that a go.


5 thoughts on “Mac Prep + Prime Lip

  1. Have you tried this with a regular MAC lipstick? Does it make that last longer? That liquid lipsticks are formulated to last longer anyway. What happens with a regular lipstick? Is this really different than a better quality lip balm? Nice review. I’m really curious. ♥

    1. I did and I’m not sure if the lasting power is crazy different but I like it most for smoothing out my lips beforehand.

      I’m sure a good lipbalm would work similarly, give the Nuxe Reve the Miel a go if you can, it’s a matte lip balm so it works great under lipsticks.

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