Bookshelf #9: Podcast Edition

With my recent trip to San Francisco and not a lot of time to read anything else than research literature, I have been getting into podcasts once again.

They are a great alternative to books when traveling, because I tend to get a bit of motion sickness, especially during long-haul flights. Sometimes it is just nicer to keep your eyes closed, lean back and enjoy a nice story in order to relax and be distracted.

I’ve talked about my favorite podcasts before, but there are two new ones that I have been loving recently.



The first one is the podcast version of the New York Times’ Modern Love column, which, as the name suggests, tells stories around the topic of love, read by celebrities like Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Judd Apatow, or Dakota Fanning. The episodes are around 20 minutes long, so they are nice little heartwarming snippets to throw in during a workout, a quick bus ride or while you’re cooking. I highly recommend.


The second podcast is Dear Hank & John by Hank and John Green of Vlogbrothers fame. If you enjoy their YouTube channel, you will definitely love their quirky and off the cuff podcast where they answer questions and engage in witty repartee that is just plain fun to listen to. Definitely more of a niche podcast, but I have loved their channel and John’s books for years, so it si a definite must for me.



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