Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer

If there’s one thing I struggle with the most concerning base make-up, it is concealer. My dark undereyes are the bane of my existence and whenever I try out a new concealer that promises full coverage, it always seems to come up short.

A while ago I spotted the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer in one of MakeupByTiffanyD‘s videos and it certainly seemed like the perfect marriage of coverage and creaminess.


These concealers come in a huge array of shades in two different categories – ‘Color Correct’ and ‘Conceal’. I choose shade R22, which is the second lightest tone in the ‘Color Correct’ line-up, since its pink undertone promised to be a bit more brightening and less ashy under the eye.

Now this stuff is seriously pigmented. I had to work a little bit to get the perfect amount but I found that the safest bet is to start with very little and layer if necessary. The formula is beautifully creamy, which means that it blends nicely with fingers but I usually go over with a brush to keep it from creasing.

The staying power is good as well, especially if you set with a light powder. So while I don’t think anything will ever cover up my dark circles completely (and if anything would I probably wouldn’t  be able to recognize myself), this is an awesome contender for best under eye concealer. I’m glad I went with the color correcting shade since it seems to pack a bit more punch in terms of brightening and with the tiny amount needed, I’m sure this tube will last me a long time.


6 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer

  1. Have you tried MAC’s Pro Concealer? Is this better? Have you tried a salmony creamy concealer first, then using this on top? Estee Lauder Double Wear has a creamy concealer or Benefit’s Erase Paste both in medium work well if you put them under first then use this on top. Give it a go. You may get the results you desire. Good luck! Great post! I wish we had this product where I live. 😦 I want to try this and their HD foundation.

    1. I have and I like this one better. The MAC Pro Longwear settled into my fine lines like crazy. I used to use the Erase Paste years ago and I remeber I loved the shade but I think I have to give the Double Wear a try if you say it’s a good one!

      1. I just bought the Pro Longwear and I don’t have that problem with it settling into my fine lines. I will see if I need a salmony colored concealer under it. I tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear in store (not the one with the doe foot, but the creamy concealer) and it was ok, but still needed more coverage. When I tried the Pro Longwear over top it was pefection. Today, when I went to purchase the Pro Longwear, the wonderful saleslady took off the concealer I had on and tested out the Pro Longwear alone. It covered my under eye circles really well! I will have a post up soon all about concealers, drugstore, mid range and some high end. Stay tuned for it! 😉

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