Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush

While my make-up collection is chock full of lip products and eyeshadow palettes, my brush stash is actually rather normal in size. I have my designated brushes that I like to use and I rarely venture out of that range.

What I was missing however, was an eyeshadow brush for cream products. For general blending, the MAC 217 still reigns supreme, but since it has natural bristles, it is hard to clean from creamy products.

Since I have always loved the quality – and price point – of Zoeva brushes, I went onto their site to search for something suitable and I think I found the perfect pick in the 227 Soft Definer vegan brush.


As the name suggests, this is made of synthetic fibres, which is why it is perfect for cream products as they don’t cling to the bristles as much as to natural ones. I have washed it several times now and it always came out perfectly clean without any shedding or loss of shape.

Speaking of the shape, is is a little less round than the MAC 217 and more of a paddle, but still it blends out the crease perfectly and die to the slight paddle-shape, I think it would even fit under the eye very nicely for a smoked out lower lash line.

It is my top pick for any cream eyeshadow and a perfect addition to my collection. Plus, it is definitely not the last Zoeva brush that will join my little crew.


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