Mario Badescu Face Spray

In accordance with Caroline Hiron‘s skincare regime, which I try and follow religiously, I like to follow up my acid toning step with a more hydrating, gentle toning option.

I love spray toners for this category as they freshen up the skin and leave a nice dewy layer for serums and moisturizer to go on top of. They also double up as make-up refreshers and setting sprays during the day.

During a recent peruse in Anthropologie, I stumbled across the Mario Badescu line and wanted to try the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater.


Since my skin has been very dry and sensitive this winter, this product sounded just like what I needed. It’s a pleasantly rose-scented spray that disperses easily in a fine mist and doesn’t leave your face soaking wet. In fact, it dries down incredibly quickly and therefore is perfect for quick touch-ups during the day as well.

While it does contain some unnecessary (in my opinion) colorants, it hasn’t irritated my skin but kept it nicely balanced and hydrated.

The whole range comes across reassuringly simple and clinical, which I like in a product. I will surely use this up to the last drop and definitely check out the rest of the Mario Badescu range.


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