MAC Spring Flock Blush

It is a rare occasion nowadays that one of the many MAC collections grabs my interest, but on a recent trip to the MAC store, I immediately fell in love with one of their gorgeous blushes from the Flamingo Park collection called Spring Flock.


A beautiful brightening warm pink, this is the perfect blush to transition into spring.On my pale skin tone, this immediately livens up the face and brightens up my complexion without being too over the top.

It is nicely pigmented, giving off a good amount of color without being too bold. You don’t have to put much work in to get this to show up, but I don’t think there’s much risk of overdoing it here.

Because it is a matte formula, Spring Flock is easy to pair with your highlighter of choice for an extra bit of glow, but it does look great and understated on its own.

I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible, seeing as this is part of a limited edition, so if you’re looking for a brightening blush or really any other products in a variety of pretty pinks, get yourself to a MAC counter right now!


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