Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

While I escaped the harshest days of winter just in time, my poor skin is still feeling the effects of cold temperatures and central heating. I have issues with dry and sensitive skin all year round, but winter is especially harsh and everything from my hands to my feet seems to be yearning for some soothing moisture.

One thing I struggle with the most when looking for hydrating body care is fragrance. My skin flares up immediately if a product is to strongly scented and turns red and splotchy, which is never a good look.

But I think I have finally found a suitable (and affordable) body lotion while scouring the aisles of the drugstore a few weeks back and even though my skin is still feeling the winter blues, it is doing a lot better than usual.


The Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion in the fragrance free version has been agreeing with me wonderfully and ticks all the boxes with its claims of relieving dry and itchy skin for up to 24 hours. It has extremely moisturizing ingredients like shea butter but it is still very light on the skin, which is nice when you’re wearing skinny jeans regularly.

I’ve had no issues with irritation or exceeding dryness with this lotion, so if you have problems with dry, sensitive skin and have access to the Aveeno range, I would definitely steer you in this direction.


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