MAC Groundwork Paint Pot

It has been a while since I’ve really been wowed by a MAC product. I have picked up a fair few lipsticks in the past via Back2MAC, but other than that, my collection has become much more varied in recent years.

However, I attended a MAC event just before Christmas and the make-up artist that worked on me used the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork as a base for my shadow.


I really loved how my make-up turned out but I didn’t want to splurge on a palette, so I picked up this lovely little cream eyeshadow and I have really enjoyed using it. To be quite honest, not much else has been on my lids for the past six weeks, so I guess it must be love.

Groundwork is a pretty but unassuming neutral brown that looks extremely effortless on the lids, almost like a natural shadow, but cooler. It works great as a base, but I love to wear it on its own for a bit of easy definition. The cream is easy to apply with fingers or a synthetic brush and I have been pleasantly surprised by the lasting power on my oily lids.

The only thing to keep in mind is to always close the lid tightly on these paint pots as they dry out very quickly and become virtually unusable if they do. I remember I had another paint pot from MAC years ago that was a beautiful iridescent peach (Rubenesque, if I remember correctly) but it dried out so fast that I could only use it a couple of times.

So I promised myself to be more diligent with this one and so far, so good. I’m sure if I take good care of it, this little pot will last me a good while and remain a staple in my everyday make-up collection.



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