Leap Day Special: Pamper Day

Since we get an extra days’ worth of time this year, I think it is just right to set some of that time aside to pamper ourselves.

Even though it’s Monday, it’s nice to take some extra care and treat ourselves. That treat could be a nice, home cooked meal, an hour to kick back with a cup of coffee and a good book, or a nice walk outside. Whatever you do to treat yourself, it’s always a great idea to invest some time into taking care of your skin as well.

I like to apply a nice face mask (or two) and enjoy a good book or show while letting them work their magic. My favorite picks are still the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask for some serious exfoliating action and the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask for soothing and hydrating the skin.

I haven’t really delved into the world of sheet-masks just yet, mainly because they look scary as hell and seem kind of wasteful to me. But to curb my curiosity, I decided to pick up a pack of the Sephora-brand eye mask.


Sephora offers a multitude of different variations for every skin concern, but I went with the Rose version for some extra hydration since my eye area is perpetually dark and dry.

They were easy and pretty fun to apply and didn’t slip and slide all over my face, even if I felt like there was a good amount of remaining product in the packet that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

I left them on for a good while and they really urged me to just lay back and relax with their subtle rose scent and cooling effect. My eyes did feel nice and hydrated after taking them off, but I can’t say that there were any long-lasting effects.

So while eye masks might not become a staple in my mask routine, they are the perfect little treat for a special day like today. So make sure to enjoy and make the most of your additional 24 hours today, see you in four years! ;D


MAC Spring Flock Blush

It is a rare occasion nowadays that one of the many MAC collections grabs my interest, but on a recent trip to the MAC store, I immediately fell in love with one of their gorgeous blushes from the Flamingo Park collection called Spring Flock.


A beautiful brightening warm pink, this is the perfect blush to transition into spring.On my pale skin tone, this immediately livens up the face and brightens up my complexion without being too over the top.

It is nicely pigmented, giving off a good amount of color without being too bold. You don’t have to put much work in to get this to show up, but I don’t think there’s much risk of overdoing it here.

Because it is a matte formula, Spring Flock is easy to pair with your highlighter of choice for an extra bit of glow, but it does look great and understated on its own.

I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible, seeing as this is part of a limited edition, so if you’re looking for a brightening blush or really any other products in a variety of pretty pinks, get yourself to a MAC counter right now!

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

While I escaped the harshest days of winter just in time, my poor skin is still feeling the effects of cold temperatures and central heating. I have issues with dry and sensitive skin all year round, but winter is especially harsh and everything from my hands to my feet seems to be yearning for some soothing moisture.

One thing I struggle with the most when looking for hydrating body care is fragrance. My skin flares up immediately if a product is to strongly scented and turns red and splotchy, which is never a good look.

But I think I have finally found a suitable (and affordable) body lotion while scouring the aisles of the drugstore a few weeks back and even though my skin is still feeling the winter blues, it is doing a lot better than usual.


The Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion in the fragrance free version has been agreeing with me wonderfully and ticks all the boxes with its claims of relieving dry and itchy skin for up to 24 hours. It has extremely moisturizing ingredients like shea butter but it is still very light on the skin, which is nice when you’re wearing skinny jeans regularly.

I’ve had no issues with irritation or exceeding dryness with this lotion, so if you have problems with dry, sensitive skin and have access to the Aveeno range, I would definitely steer you in this direction.

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red

If there’s one word that can for sure be associated with Charlotte Tilbury’s aesthetic, it is glamorous. From sultry, cool eye looks to glowing skin, her line screams luxury and glamour.

The Matte Revolution lipstick range is no exception, especially with such an ‘Old Hollywood’ color as Red Carpet Red. A gorgeous darkened, blue-based red, this is classic glam at its best.


The texture however, is a far cry from a classic chalky red as it is creamy and comfortable while providing amazing pigment and longevity. This is probably the most comfortable matte I have ever worn on my lips and still, it does not compromise on wear time.

The slightly squared of lipstick bullet is also a beautiful touch, offering a precise line and a lot of control when applying this straight onto the lips. Since it is such a bold color though, I still like to go in with a lip brush to perfect the lines, but if you’re in a hurry, you can definitely skip liner here, there’s no feathering or smudging with this lipstick.

The rest of the range looks gorgeous as well, but I am glad I started of with this red, especially since my MAC Russian Red was on its last leg in terms of the expiration date and this is a wonderful dupe with a much improved formula.

So all in all, Charlotte’s done extremely good on these lipsticks. I am yet to find a product from her range that I don’t like (granted, I haven’t tried that much yet), so please leave any favorites and recommendations down below if you have them!


Kat von D Tattoo Liner

I am certainly not the best at applying eyeliner with one eye always coming out wonky or too thick, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. I convince myself again and again that I just need the best liquid liner and the perfect cat eye will miraculously fall into place.

Kat von D Tattoo Liner

So while I am still trying my hardest to perfect my skills, I think I may have found the right tool to do so. The Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper has been praised all over the internet and with the eponymous tattoo artist herself rocking a sharp line on a day to day basis, there is probably no better brand to turn to when looking for the perfect liquid liner.

What sets this nifty little pen apart from many others is the tip, which consists of a very fine set of brush hairs instead of the usual felt tip. While those tend to dull down and dry out after only a few uses, the brush tip on the Tattoo Liner stays sharp and saturated, providing a precise and opaque line in a few swipes.

Kat von D Tattoo Liner Trooper

What I also love about it is the closing mechanism. When pushing the lid on, you can feel it bounce back and close tightly, keeping the product from drying out and ensuring that the liner is fresh to use for the next time you need it. Being frustrated with so many liners drying out extremely quickly, this is a detail that makes me very happy.

Please note that my current Tattoo Liner is only a deluxe sample size that came with a Sephora order, but even so, it has lasted me a good while. I will, however, be sure to stock up on the full size once the sample runs out.

Recently #17

Not to be too cliché here, but boy, time really does fly these days. It’s been pretty much all go since I got back from my Christmas break and with a few important meetings and deadlines creeping up, I’m in complete work mode.

February is halfway over already and while I’ve enjoyed daydreaming about some of the projects coming up throughout this year, I am most importantly enjoying my remaining time in Canada. This has certainly involved a few (probably too many) shopping trips but above all, some amazing events and trips peppered over the next weeks.

So while there isn’t too much to report right now, I am excited for what’s coming up and I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Style Staple: The Wool Coat

I find that the last dregs of winter are always the hardest. There are a few glimpses of spring already, but they are few and far between and the days still seem short and cold, so to make these last frigid weeks a bit more bearable, I picked ip a beautiful new winter coat to keep me warm.

Since coats are something I will only wear seasonally, I tend to get them in classic shapes and colors so they will last me for a fair few years and still look chic and stylish. Usually though, I am a pretty casual dresser, so what was sorely lacking from my collection was a smart, simple wool coat.

I decided to treat myself to the Cocoon Wool Coat by Vancouver-based brand Wilfred (sold in Aritzia) in a classic black as it is the epitome of timeless, classic chic while looking current and on trend.


(via aritzia.com | seen here in Charcoal)

While this piece has definitely been a splurge, I feel like it will see me through several cold seasons and a multitude of different occasions. Dressed down with a pair of sneakers, a beanie, and skinny jeans, this will look just as good as paired with a nice dress and pretty heels or boots.

It is also the softest coat I have ever felt and while it feels substantial enough for even the coldest of days, it is surprisingly light. Since I picked this up on the post-Christmas sales, I am even more excited about my purchase, but even at full price, I think this coat (or a similar one) is a great investment and a definite staple in my wardrobe.