Bite Beauty Syrah

If there’s one thing I can’t walk past in the beauty department, it’s a good lip product. My love for a bright lip has been well documented on here, but what I was sorely lacking in my stash was a nice everyday nude that doesn’t lean too pink or mauve.

In comes Bite Beauty, a brand solely dedicated to lip products and therefore right up my alley. I’ve been reading about them forever, but since they are not available in Europe, I had to wait until I made it to a North American Sephora in order to get my hands on some of their merchandise.

Bite Beauty Syrah

And of course it was at their gorgeous counter where I found their beautiful High Pigment Lip Pencil in Syrah, a lipstick in never knew I wanted but had to have as soon as I swatched it on my lips.

It’s a slightly warm-toned, peachy nude that comes in a convenient stick form, making it perfect for easy touch-ups on the go. While the color is certainly opaque, it is not one of those nudes that wipe out your lips and make you look like you’ve caked them in concealer.

With a nice bit of warmth and a good dose of pigment, this is super flattering and works as a great everyday color. Now I usually go for more pink-toned nudes as they work with my complexion better, but this is neutral enough that it doesn’t clash with my skin tone or makes my teeth look completely yellow.

I’m desperate to pick up some more of their collection, but for now this beautiful lip pencil will do.


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