Zoeva Cat Eye Liner

In my teens, eyeliner was a must and a part of my daily routine. But now that my days of wearing all black all the time and coloring my hair funky colors are long gone, my liner skills have deteriorated to almost none-existent.

After a short love-affair with gel liners a few years back, I’ve been relying on liquid eyeliners in my stash to curb the occasional need for a sharp cat eye (or as close as I can get).

The Zoeva Cat Eye Liner in Blackest Black has been the best affordable option that I have found in recent years. Zoeva in general is a line that has become known for its great quality at a reasonable price and I for one truly appreciate this.

Zoeve Cateye Eyeliner Pen

So the eyeliner is a simple felt tip that is pretty easy to navigate around the lid. It is flexible and nicely shaped so there’s no weird angles to work around. The color is opaque in a few swipes but tends to slightly flake off if you go over it too many times, so make sure to either get the line done quickly or let it fully dry down between coats. It dries to a somewhat glossy finish that goes great with certain looks, but if you want a more matte look to your liner, this is easily rectified with a quick swipe of powder or pencil.

The only thing I can rely lament here is that the liner dries out pretty quickly. It does have a good closure, but as is the nature of these kinds of products, they are not the longest lasting. I think it is the felt tip that doesn’t retain moisture for long, but at a few Euros, it is pretty easy and affordable to replace this every once in a while.


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