Soap & Glory Favorites

To me, Soap & Glory is one of the most fun and consistently good beauty brands on the market. Much like Benefit, they combine quirky slogans and cute packaging with high-quality products. They’re also pretty reasonably priced, so it is no surprise that I have corralled quite the collection of favorites from their brand.

My love for the Ultimelt Cleanser has been well-documented, but seeing as it is not on their website anymore and on sale in a lot of places, I am afraid that it is being discontinued and I have to wean myself off of it.

Soap & Glory Favorites

The first product I was introduced to, however, is their amazing Flake Away Body Scrub. This contains a good amount of oils that leave the skin nourished but not sticky. The scrub itself is a great consistency that is effective without being to harsh and the classic Soap & Glory smell is too die for. The only thing I found with this is that the oils tend to clog up my razor, so I make sure to wash the scrub off with a good amount of shower gel before starting to shave,

The Hand Food Hand Cream comes with the same yummy smell as the scrub and is a good hand lotion for on the go as it sinks in quickly without much of a residue. The smell is prominent but not cloying and the formula is light while deeply nourishing. I would recommend getting the squeeze tube rather than the pump container because I had the bigger size go bad on me after a while. The scent is not so great once it turns, so I think it better to stick to the smaller size that gets used up more quickly and is more convenient anyway.

Finally, in my trifecta of the original S&G scent is the Clean on Me Shower Gel. This creamy body wash provides the same beautiful scent that stays on the skin for a good while and is nice enough to replace your regular perfume. This is a gorgeous creamy product that does not dry out the skin, so it’s a great pick for winter.


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