Saving Winter Skin

Winter is just around the corner and with the dropping temperatures, my skin is yearning for some moisture and comfort.

The first place that shows signs of the cold and harsh weather are my lips. The become dry and cracked to an uncomfortable point, so I try to keep them as smooth and moisturized as possible.

Winter Skin Staples

The Body Shop Lip Buff is the most convenient lip scrub I have found yet as it comes in lipstick form, so it has become a staple in my make-up collection. Especially in winter, I like to wear a matte bold lip, which is always hard on the sensitive skin. I usually swipe this over my lips before using lipstick in order to get rid of any flakiness and dead skin. After taking the residue off with a tissue, I apply a thick layer of lip balm – Nuxe Reve de Miel is still my favorite – and the matte lip color goes on much more evenly without making my lips feel tight or dry.

For my face, I still rely on the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, which packs a punch hydration-wise without being too heavy or greasy. It’s a beautifully convenient balm that can be used anywhere on the body, but for now it is reserved strictly for my face.

Body-wise, I have been using the St. Ives Deep Restoring Body Lotion. Much like the FAB Cream, this is light in formula but hydrates my dry skin nicely. It also sinks in quickly, which is much appreciated especially after stepping out of the warm shower. It does have a light scent, but nothing that lingers too long or feels irritating to my sensitive skin.


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