Bookshelf #7: Yes Please

I am, much like most of my peers, a huge fan of Amy Poehler. She is a smart, hilarious go-getter and represents the hard-working, honest and witty women that I aspire to be.

So on a recent trip to the bookstore, I just had to pick up here collection of essays/memoir Yes Please. The promise of Amy’s sage advice mixed with behind the scenes stories from her time at SNL and Parks and Recreation sounded to good not to pick up a copy.

Amy Poehler Yes Please

And of course, Amy did not disappoint. Yes Please is a heartfelt look on her life as a burgeoning comedienne, her role as a friend, mother, businesswomen and role model that she seems to fulfill with such grace and wit. I find myself dipping in and out of the different chapters, taking advice from them and laughing about her hilarious stories. Amy is an amazing women who always strives towards building other women up, something that is often overlooked in todays’ society.

I highly highly recommend this book. With a million quote-worthy lines and a real sense of self-worth and friendship, this book deserves all the hype its getting.


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