Recently #14

So, Canada has been amazing thus far. I’ve done my fair share of exploring and although the weather has been as temperamental as promised, I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of things and have established a good routine of work and getting out there and play tourist.

Osgemeos Giants

Of course, there has been a good amount of shopping as well. I’ve done some damage in Sephora, but it seems that my wish list hasn’t really diminished at all (more on that soon). Besides that, I’ve found some real gems at smaller local stores, which is my favorite type of shopping anyway. Hunter and Hare

So far, fall has been treating me very well and while I don’t subscribe to the Pumpkin Spice hype, I do love a good walk through the colorful streets of this new city while feeling all cozy and bundled up in knits and scarves.

I also can’t believe that shops are starting to roll out their Christmas merchandise, even though, looking at the calendar, it most definitely is that time of year. Since I’m going back home for Christmas, I’ve had a lot of fun browsing for unique gifts for my loved ones, who I am so excited to see in a couple months’ time.


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