Hero Product #8: MAC All that Glitters

Traveling with a limited amount of products really makes you aware of the absolute stars in your collection. Case in point – MAC All that Glitters eyeshadow.

MAC All that Glitters

This is one of the rare make-up products that I would repurchase time and time again, and for good reason.

These days, I’m not much of an eyeshadow wearer. If I put anything on, it is usually a wash of color, either a matte light brown, or this. I love All that Glitters so much because it is a beautifully brightening peachy shade that goes with everything and is absolutely inoffensive. Some people might find that boring, but I love a good versatile product and this surely is one of them.

The formula is great as well as it manages to hang on to my oily eyelids without creasing for a decent amount of time. If I pair it with a good primer, this is sure to stay on all day and I can just forget about it.

A few years ago, MAC’s Satin Taupe was THE eyeshadow everyone needed to have, but in my opinion, All that Glitters should be right up there. If you’re looking for a similar tone that leans a bit cooler and more pink, Naked Lunch would be a great alternative as it’s pretty similar in texture and staying power.


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