Cold Weather Favorites

Now that fall is truly here to stay, I love bundling up in cozy clothes and treating myself to more rich and hydrating formulas in order to keep my skin supple and healthy during the colder months.

I talked about my style favorites last week, but here you can see two of my absolute must-haves for fall: my huge Asos Blanket Scarf and my Roots Canada Hamilton Toque, which is just about the softest, and coziest thing you can put on your head to stay warm.

Cold Weather Favorites

For my skin, I love a good serum or oil, but as a last step, I love using the Avène Hydrance Optimal Riche moisturizer which is surprisingly light in texture but really packs a punch in terms of hydration. This one is definitely too rich for me in the summer, which is when I like to use the lighter version, but from October to March, this is what I like to use most to keep my skin from getting chapped or dry.

Speaking of chapped, I recently discovered the Body Shop Aloe Lip Care for sensitive skin, which has shot straight to the top of my favorite balms of all time. Now I still love the Nuxe Reve de Miel, especially under lipstick, but this is a beautifully hydrating balm as well that comes in a much more travel-friendly container.

I just squeeze a bit onto the lips (be careful here not to use too much) and spread it with the applicator, which makes for a fuss free, hygienic application. The scent is also very subtle and inoffensive, so it is an all round winner for me.


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