Fall Edit: Style

Fall is by far my favorite season. The weather gets colder and out come the cozy knits and layers. My style is pretty straightforward and simple, and that doesn’t really change in fall, but I love adding a few key pieces every season.

Fall Edit: Style

Skinny jeans are a must all year round and recently I’ve been loving the Topshop Jamie’s. I think a bit of a ripped knee could add some interest before the weather gets too cold to show even a sliver of skin.

I also love a big blanket scarf to bundle up in, which goes great with a black moto-style leather jacket in these early days of fall. I picked one up last season from Asos, but there still around everywhere.

What’s still missing from my closet is a nice grey fishermen’s style knit. I’m looking for the perfect slouchy but polished knit jumper, but I haven’t found the one yet.

I’m also looking for a big tote to carry around my essentials (and then some) and the Madewell leather tote bags look amazing but are slightly out of my budget. I’ve been checking out some nice alternatives at Nordstrom, but I have yet to take the plunge.

And finally, since I’m preparing for my first Canadian winter, a pair of Sorel boots is high up on my list. I’ve hear good things about them, so I’m thinking about getting a classic pair of the 1964 Premium style.


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