Skincare Staples: Face Sprays – Lush Eau Roma

I’ve always thought face sprays were a bit of a faff, but recently, I have been getting into them and started seeing their benefits due to some amazing products.

The first products that changed my mind both were french pharmacy staples. While the La Roche-Posay Serozinc managed to calm blemishes and soothe the skin, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir provided a welcome blast of freshness and dewiness to my face. However, the latter also includes a hefty dose of alcohol, so while I still repurchase the Serozinc when I get the chance, I have stayed away from the Beauty Elixir despite its beautiful scent and glow-giving properties.

Lush Eau Roma

One product that truly does deliver both a beautiful scent and skincare benefits is the Lush Eau Roma Toner. I use this is my skincare routine after cleansing (in the morning) or after my acid toner (at night) and it provides a wonderful boost of moisture as well as a calming, soothing natural fragrance of rose and lavender.

I like spritzing my skin with this before I work in any oils, serums or creams because I think that they penetrate a lot better on a slightly damp face and I have found that the Eau Roma helps a lot with calming redness. Of course, since it does contain essential oils, you have to gauge your skin’s reaction yourself and see if they irritate the skin at all.

But if essential oils are not a problem, this is a beautiful moisturizing alternative to some of the more high end spritzes out there.


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