Going Old School with MAC Soft and Gentle

This past summer, my highlight of choice has been the RMS Living Luminizer. It is by no means subtle, but the cream formula leaves a sheen so glossy and glowy, it is the perfect companion for sunny days.

In fall and winter however, highlighters can once again dare to veer into the somewhat glittery territory that is just too much in summer. So back out comes the OG of powder highlighters – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle.

MAC MSF Soft and Gentle

This highlighter is pure peachy-beige toned, shimmery goodness that will make your cheekbones (cupid’s bow, inner corners) glow like no other. Every time I pull this out again, I wonder why I haven’t used it in so long. And while it does have a good dose of shimmer, it looks absolutely gorgeous on the face as it flatters most complexions. It might not be the most natural of highlighting products, but it will surely pack a punch with just a quick swipe of the brush.

This is one of those MAC products that almost every beauty junkie has in their collection and for good reason. I might go through phases with this powder, but for now, its stock is up pretty high.


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