Music Monday #10

Actually… not so much music today… Instead, I wanted to tell you about what I have been listening to when I’m not in the mood for music.


I’ve been really getting into podcasts over the past year and on my recent long-haul flight, it was so nice to enjoy a few stories and interviews while closing my eyes for a bit. So here goes:

The Classics

I first got into listening to podcasts when I heard about the hype around Serial, the podcast covering a murder case from 15 years ago that was all over the internet. I have loved this as much as everyone, so if you haven’t given Serial a go yet (which is highly unlikely), please do!

Serial‘s host Sarah Koening actually is one of the producers of This American Life, a radio show that presents stories (about 3 to 4 each week) on a specific topic. I have loved almost every single one of their shows and have found myself laughing out loud to some of the episodes while alone in my car.

If you’re a lover of short stories like me, The Moth podcast is beautiful to listen to as they have different storytellers with different topics every week that make for an interesting and captivating hour of radio. The stories are only loosely connected by a theme, so where TAL might be a bit more specific, The Moth offers a great variety of different stories and voices.

The YouTubers

I’m a huge fan of both John Green’s novels and his YouTube-channel Vlogbrothers, which he runs with his brother Hank. So it was nice to see them expand their brand into the podcast world and their show Dear Hank & John is a hilarious and thought-provoking hour of back and forth between the two brothers and the occasional guest.

Another YouTube-duo, Rhett and Link, provide in-depth interviews on some of the most successful YouTubers in the game on their podcast Earbiscuits. It is so interesting to learn the background stories of some of these internet ‘celebrities’ so if you’re into YouTube or online video in general, this one is a must.

…and one more

I’ve also been loving Invisibilia, a podcast that concerns itself with mental phenomena that influence our everyday lives in different and profound ways. The structural set-up is similar to that of TAL, but the themes are geared towards a more psychological approach.

So what about you guys? Do you like listening to podcasts at all or is this something you haven’t tried before? Any suggestions on which podcasts to check out? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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