Wardrobe Staple: Asos Ultimate Easy

My closet space is a pretty simple setup of monochrome basics, and one of my absolute wardrobe staples – the ASOS Ultimate Easy T-Shirt – doesn’t stray from that category.

Asos Ultimate EASY

It’s a flatteringly cut, high neck simple cotton t-shirt with rolled up sleeves that pairs nicely with skinny jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Since this shirt fits true to size, you have a bit of wriggle room with styling options. Size up for an oversized, slouchy style or size down to have it fit more tightly. They also come in a cropped version, but since I’m not one to expose my midriff, I’ve stuck to the regular version.

Asos occasionally do value packs on these shirts, which is where I got a pack of three (black/grey/white) for about 20% off. But even at normal price, these are great value for money. I’ve worn all three colors multiple times and they have held up well in the wash and haven’t shrunken or lost their shape.

So while basic t-shirts might not be the most exciting (or stylish) clothing option, they are great wardrobe staples and build an amazing basis for styling and accessorizing.


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