Fragrance Wardrobe

While many people stick to a signature scent, I like to have what I call a ‘Fragrance Wardrobe’ with different perfumes for different occasion. My reasoning behind this (besides my penchant for beauty shopping) is that while I might love a scent in the wintertime, it might be to heavy for summer or I connect it with a specific memory that I want to be reminded of when I wear the fragrance.

Now my fragrance wardrobe isn’t huge, but I like to have a few choice options to pick from.


Fragrance Wardrobe

For the last year or so, my daily scent of choice has been Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I have raved about this before, but I still love the fresh, almost crisp and slightly herbal smell of this perfume and I think it works in every season. This is also a great one for layering, as are all Jo Malone perfumes, so if you like playing with different scent combinations, this is a winner.

Then there’s my nighttime fragrance – Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT. There are two different types of this perfume, but I’ve always chosen the black version, which is a warm, rich, rose-based fragrance that feels sexy and sophisticated without being cloying. I hoard samples of this for travel as I know that this is a scent I won’t get tired of and the actual bottle doesn’t travel quite as well as the Jo Malone offering.

The next two scents are actually on my wishlist, but I fell in love with both of them when I first smelled them. Stella McCartney’s eponymous scent Stella is a beautiful subtle floral that is raved about in the beauty blogging community and with good reason. It is inoffensive but instantly recognizable and an all-round crowd pleaser. This would be a great, more girly everyday option.

And then there’s Gypsy Water, a lush perfume from the extremely luxe Swedish brand Byredo. I haven’t stopped dreaming about this scent since I first sprayed it on but as of now, I haven’t had the heart to part with that much money for something that literally dissipates in the air. It is a beautiful complex fragrance though that dries from a fresh, invigorating first spritz down to an earthy, warm base. It’s most definitely one for the Christmas wishlist.



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