Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

As summer is coming to a close, it is time to kiss summer skin and beachy hair goodbye, but for these last few days of warm weather, there is one summer staple that I want to talk about – the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

Bumble Surf Spray

This is the original salt spray to create effortless waves in the hair without the use of a curling iron or any heat for that matter.

Since my hair does have some natural texture to it anyway, I like to enhance it with some type of texturizing product, especially in the summer when air drying is a must.

I do love this product as it delivers texture and wave without much work but I find that there are newer formulas that do the job a bit more easily. My main gripe with the Surf Spray is that you have to use it very sparingly, at least one my hair type, which is very fine and flat. If you apply too much, it does tend to get a bit sticky and crunchy, so be careful.

As is the nature of salt sprays, this also tends to dry out the hair a little bit and especially with longer hair, it can lead to additional damage that requires a good conditioner or mask to help regain moisture.

Overall, I think salt sprays are great and this will forever be the OG of this category, but I am excited to try out some different formulas. Even Bumble and Bumble themselves have created a more gentle and nourishing version of this product, the Surf Infusion, so I think I might try that out as soon as the original runs out.


Bookshelf #6

Tobar Barbarian Nurseries

Right now there’s not much to find on my bookshelf other than research. Having arrived abroad, I really feel like I need to buckle down and get stuff done.

Fortunately, since I do work in literature, I still get to enjoy a good novel every once in a while and right now I am working through Héctor Tobar’s The Barbarian Nurseries.

I think I have talked about this before, but the book is wonderfully written and jumps between the inner workings of the main characters effortlessly despite them being from very different social and cultural backgrounds. I am by no means deep into this book, so I am excited to see how the stories of the characters pan out, but I highly suggest you check it out if you enjoy social commentary and critique on contemporary American culture.

MAC Heroine

With fall in full swing, it’s time to ditch the corals and pinks of summer and bust out the vampy, dark lip colors.

I’ve really been into using lip pencils lately as they offer a matte finish and great lasting power. With a good dose of lip balm underneath, they usually sit on the lips comfortably for hours.

One of my favorites as of late has been the MAC Lip Pencil in Heroine, a beautiful pinky purple that screams fall.

MAC Heroine Lip Pencil

Now I’ve been weary about Heroine lipstick as it reads as a full on purple that is just a tad too out there for me, but the lip pencil pulls a bit more pink and thus makes the color much more wearable for a pale face like mine.

The pencil is very dry, so it is imperative that the lips are in top shape with no dry patches. But applied in thin layers and blended with a lip brush, Heroine is a gorgeous berry purple that makes a statement without going into the usual directions of red, orange, or pink.

I think this is a beautiful twist on a fall berry and something that looks incredibly modern and chic on the lips without being too over the top.

Recently #13

UBC Rose Garden

Guys! I am in Canada!

After almost a full year of planning, I have finally made it to the Canadian West Coast to do research for eight months. It it so beautiful here, the nature is insane and the people are crazy nice. I’m looking forward to doing a few more travel posts and updating you guys with pictures of the beautiful scenery here.

For now, it is all about getting settled and going out to explore. There’s still so much to do and see, so I’m excited to keep you posted!

Skincare Staples: Face Sprays – Lush Eau Roma

I’ve always thought face sprays were a bit of a faff, but recently, I have been getting into them and started seeing their benefits due to some amazing products.

The first products that changed my mind both were french pharmacy staples. While the La Roche-Posay Serozinc managed to calm blemishes and soothe the skin, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir provided a welcome blast of freshness and dewiness to my face. However, the latter also includes a hefty dose of alcohol, so while I still repurchase the Serozinc when I get the chance, I have stayed away from the Beauty Elixir despite its beautiful scent and glow-giving properties.

Lush Eau Roma

One product that truly does deliver both a beautiful scent and skincare benefits is the Lush Eau Roma Toner. I use this is my skincare routine after cleansing (in the morning) or after my acid toner (at night) and it provides a wonderful boost of moisture as well as a calming, soothing natural fragrance of rose and lavender.

I like spritzing my skin with this before I work in any oils, serums or creams because I think that they penetrate a lot better on a slightly damp face and I have found that the Eau Roma helps a lot with calming redness. Of course, since it does contain essential oils, you have to gauge your skin’s reaction yourself and see if they irritate the skin at all.

But if essential oils are not a problem, this is a beautiful moisturizing alternative to some of the more high end spritzes out there.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions BB Cream

This summer has been one of the hottest ever, so for most of the season I eschewed make-up in favor of a good SPF. When I really did need to look put together and presentable, however, there was one base product I could really count on to stay put on my face – the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions BB Cream.

Clinique BB Cream

Now I did have some bouts of breakouts lately, but I’m usually not one to go for acne-treating formulations. What made me want to try this particular product was a rave review by Tiffany of MakeUpbyTiffanyD on YouTube. She said that while she’s not really blemish-prone, she loved this product. And because her recommendations are pretty spot-on, I went and gave this BB Cream a go.

Formula-wise, this reminds me a lot of Chanel Vitalumière Aqua, since this is also a very watery foundation that you need to shake well before every use. The coverage, however, is insane, especially for such a liquid product. I barely need any concealer when using this because it covers blemishes and redness almost perfectly. Also, since it is formulated for oilier skins, the Clinique BB Cream doesn’t really need to be set with a powder but dries to a natural semi-matte/satin finish that stays put for hours.

My only gripe with this product is the limited color range. It comes in three colors only, I think, and the shade Light, which I chose, pulls very rosy and almost ashy on my very pale skin. But if you’re lucky enough to find a decent color match, make sure to pick this product up – just don’t be scared by the marketing.

Going Old School with MAC Soft and Gentle

This past summer, my highlight of choice has been the RMS Living Luminizer. It is by no means subtle, but the cream formula leaves a sheen so glossy and glowy, it is the perfect companion for sunny days.

In fall and winter however, highlighters can once again dare to veer into the somewhat glittery territory that is just too much in summer. So back out comes the OG of powder highlighters – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle.

MAC MSF Soft and Gentle

This highlighter is pure peachy-beige toned, shimmery goodness that will make your cheekbones (cupid’s bow, inner corners) glow like no other. Every time I pull this out again, I wonder why I haven’t used it in so long. And while it does have a good dose of shimmer, it looks absolutely gorgeous on the face as it flatters most complexions. It might not be the most natural of highlighting products, but it will surely pack a punch with just a quick swipe of the brush.

This is one of those MAC products that almost every beauty junkie has in their collection and for good reason. I might go through phases with this powder, but for now, its stock is up pretty high.