Soap & Glory Ultimelt

It is a well-documented fact that I love my skincare and trying out new products, so I was excited to add a new cream cleanser to my arsenal – the Soap & Glory Ultimelt.

Soap & Glory Ultimelt

While I do love my more oily balm cleansers, my skin has been a bit greasier in this summer heat, so this light cream formula has been the perfect thing to cleanse with, both morning and night.

It is a white, thick cream, not unlike toothpaste, that has a beautiful herbal smell from the essential oils in the formula. Now, these oil might be a possible irritant for more sensitive skins, but I found that I got along with them very well.


The cleanser also comes with a nice face cloth, which makes taking it off super easy and adds a bit of exfoliation to the cleansing routine. I usually massage the cleanser onto dry skin and then take it off with the dampened cloth. At night, I use a different cleanser (usually an oil) to take my make-up off first, because I like for my skin to benefit from the ingredients of the cream cleanser instead of having it just remove my make-up.

I also found that this has a nice cooling effect and soothes my skin while leaving it clear and moisturized. The Ultimelt fills the gap between balm and gel cleansers nicely and helps me avoid stripping my skin with harsher products.

So while I will most likely go back to using richer balms in the colder months ahead, this cleanser has become the perfect summertime product for me and will surely have its place in my collection for years to come.


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