Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

Summer is in full swing around these parts and even though SPF is essential all year round, it is extremely important at this time of year when the sun is beating down.

While I’m not really fussy with Body SPFs, I do struggle with facial sun protection, as my skin tends to get a bit oilier during the summer and conventional suncreams do feel sticky and thick and usually leave a white cast on my already pale face.

Kiehl's SPF

The Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ however has done me well for the past few years. This is a light lotion that blends into the skin nicely and leaves it moisturized without much of a sticky feel. While it does not dry matte, it doesn’t interfere with make-up and feels incredibly light, especially considering the high protection factor.

And while it is not the cheapest SPF out there, it comes at a generous 60ml (double that of a usual foundation) and lasts a good while, but if you’re worried about the suncream spoiling (they have a shelf-life of about a year), they now do a smaller size as well.

I honestly think that SPF is something worth investing in as sun damage and melanoma are a serious threat to our health and skin’s wellbeing. Kiehl’s is a great brand if you’re looking for non-fussy products that deliver, and this SPF is no exception.


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