Avène Akérat 30 – my experience with Keratosis Pilaris

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been sporting rather unsightly red, itchy bumps on my upper arms and the back of my legs. As a child, I even had these bumps along my jawline, but they have thankfully disappeared since.

Only in the past few years have I learned that this skin condition is called Keratosis Pilaris and that it is caused by overactive cell-turnover that leads the pores to clog up with dead skin cells.

Now this issue has never been so bad that I’ve ventured into visiting a dermatologist, but it has resulted in an strange habit of picking my upper arms, which is a hard thing to get rid of.

Regular exfoliation does help a lot (I’ve talked about my preferred method of Dry Brushing before), but a while ago I have found a topical skincare product that has made the biggest difference – the Avène Akérat 30 Cream for Localized Areas.

Avène Akérat 30

This is a treatment geared towards KP that helps to soften and exfoliate the skin and reduces the clogging of pores. I usually apply this to the backs of my thighs and upper arms after every shower and before I use any regular body lotion.

So far, I have found that (in conjunction with dry brushing) the texture on my skin has changed for the better and there are not as many dry spots on my arms for me to pick. My skin still is slightly red, but I think that this too will reduce over time. The important thing with a treatment like this is to use it continually, and I will happily do that as it has not irritated my skin or caused the issue at hand to become worse.

Avène also do a body lotion in this line that is geared towards extremely dry, KP-prone skin, so I might try that out as soon as the treatment runs out.

If you’ve had any issues like this, I highly recommend the Avène Akérat range. Also, feel free to leave any tips on Keratosis Pilaris if you have experience with it and have found products or treatments that have worked for you.


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